Menu Card

Füstölt lazac

Cold hors-d’oeuvre

Plate with salads
Colourful salads with primary vegetables and seasonal vegetables, with dressing according to your request (salad juice with rockfort, fitness, garlic-dill or natural)
1 350 Ft
Tatar beefsteak  (12dkg) 2 090 Ft
Home Smoked Mediterranean Salmon Tartar 2 090 Ft
Thyme-flavoured porcini mushroom pate/td> 1 690 Ft
Goose Liver Bruschetta with Mini Salads 1 990 Ft
Buffalo mozzarella caprese 1 990 Ft
Porcini Roasted with Nut with Embalmed Salad 1 790 Ft
Rooster testicle stew 1 450 Ft
Hortobágy style rooster meat stuffed pancakes    990 Ft
Pancake with spinach and cheese in hollandaise 1 190 Ft
Grilled goat cheese with peppery strawberry salad dressing 1 690 Ft
Crayfish Cocktail with Avocado and Coabatta Chips 1 690 Ft
Penne with Truffles and Sautéed Vegetables 1 990 Ft
Leveseink közül


Rooster soup with testicle and shell-shape pastries   720 Ft
Veal liver dumpling soup   720 Ft
Meat soup village style   720 Ft
French onion soup   780 Ft
Rooster ragout soup with tarragon   820 Ft
Cream of mushroom soup   990 Ft
Piquant Venison Ragout Soup with Wild Mushrooms 1 090 Ft
For more soups normal     in a cup 
Goulash soup 1 490 Ft     820 Ft
Hungarian fish soup with fillets of carp 1 380 Ft     820 Ft
Hungarian fish soup with catfish 1 890 Ft  1 130 Ft
Hungarian Fish Soup with Entrails 1 890 Ft  1 130 Ft
Jókai Style Bean Soup with Smoked Chuck of Pork and Debrecen Style Sausage 1 490 Ft     890 Ft

Children’ dishes

Spaghetti in cream with cheese    830 Ft
Chicken breast fried in breadcrumbs with fried potatoes 1 020 Ft
Fried cod-fish fillets with mashed potatoes 1 140 Ft
Spaghetti á-la-Bologna 1 020 Ft
Camembert sajt rántva, áfonyamártással

Vegetarian offer

Camembert cheese fried in breadcrumbs with cranberry sauce  1 650 Ft
Grilled Camembert Cheese with Sesame Apples 1 850 Ft
Penne with Porcini Mushroom and Cream  1 890 Ft
Steamed and fried vegetables with grilled goat cheese and fried camembert pieces  2 390 Ft
Four Cheese Penne  1 550 Ft
Sautéed gnocchi on spinach with cream  1 550 Ft
Szarnyasból készült ételeinkből

Poultry dishes

Filleted rooster stew with his jewels (cockscomb, testicle) and dumplings 2 690 Ft
Grilled breast of chicken with grilled vegetables 2 590 Ft
Chicken breast bordered with bacon, with feta potatoes 2 890 Ft
Breast of chicken fried in butter with parmesan, covered with lettuce, with french fries 2 790 Ft
Caesar Salad from Iceberg Lettuce
– with Sautéed Chicken Breast or 2 790 Ft
– with Sautéed Goose Liver Stripes 3 790 Ft
Pink-Roasted Breast of Duck with Sherry-Flavoured Rose-Pepper Salad, Ham-Mushroom Potato Roulade and Vegetable 3 190 Ft
Chicken breast fillets baked in garlic honey 2 490 Ft
Grilled goose-liver on apple-bed, mashed potato 4 890 Ft
Red roasted duck legs with stewed cabbage and potato cake 3 190 Ft
Pink roasted duck breast with blueberry sauce, mascarpone, cheese dumplings 3 290 Ft
Duck Steak with Home Made Cheese Discs, Grilled Polenta and Herbed Pesto 3 190 Ft
Flemisch layered meat (turkey breast, pork, tomato, ham and Camembert roasted together) 3 290 Ft
Chicken Breast with Cream, Mozzarella and Ham, Fried and Served in a Pan, with Steak Potatoes 2 890 Ft
Grilled Slices of Goose Liver with Crispy Potato Medallions Turned with Fresh Letcho and with Onion Bhaji 4 890 Ft
Grilled breast of chicken with Lyonnaise onions, bunch of salads and rösti stuffed with curd cheese 2 890 Ft
Breast of Pullet Fried in Goat-Cheese Crust with Herb Gnocchi and Grape Wine Sauce 3 290 Ft
Chicken Breast Stuffed with Dried Plum, Bordered with Bacon, with Brandy-Flavoured Plum Sauce and Cottage Cheese Doughnuts 3 290 Ft
Chicken breast fillets spiced with basil, stuffed with dried tomato and mozzarella, with creamed spinach gnocchi 3 290 Ft
5 990 Ft
Bécsiszelet sertésszűzből

Pork dishes

Pork and Potato Casserole (Brasov Style) from Fillet Mignon of Pork 2 390 Ft
Wiener Schnitzel with green salads with Roquefort cheese and French fries 2 790 Ft
Grilled mangalica pork cutlet with garlic crème fraîche potatoes 3 490 Ft
Transylvanian Mixed Grill (Roasted chunck of pork, lean bacon, grilled sausage,home made steak potatoes, cabbage salad with mayonnaise) 3 890 Ft
Mangalica pork cutlet and home made grilled sausage with Hungarian letcho (ratatouille) and potato medallions 3 690 Ft
Csárda Owner’s favourite
(with paprika, dill, mushroom and goose liver slices)
3 590 Ft
Bavarian Style Crispy Pork Knuckle with Cabbage and Home Made Steak Potatoes 3 590 Ft
Pork spare ribs seasoned in mustard with steak-potatoes and cabbage salad with mayonnaise 2 390 Ft
Knuckle of Pork fried in Langos (Hungarian fried bread), with Horse-Radish, Smoked Sour Cream and Red Onion Salad 3 590 Ft
medallions of Fillet Mignon of Pork Bordered with Bacon, with Basil Wild Mushroom Sauce, Potato Roulade and Brussels Sprout/td> 3 290 Ft
Bélszín steak

Beef and venison dishes

Paprika flavoured veal stew with curdled ewe-cheese dumplings 2 990 Ft
Irish Ox Cheek with Red Wine Sauce , Embalmed Baby Onions, Curded Ewe Cheese Pasta and Vegetables 3 890 Ft
Irish Ox Cheek with Piquant Brown Sauce and Bread Dumplings 3 790 Ft
Rolled Sirloin of Beef Roasted on the Spit with Piquant Jalapeno Sauce, with Steak Potatoes and Lyon Onion 4 890 Ft
Steak of sirloin of beef with Madagascar green pepper sauce 4 290 Ft
Tyrol tenderloin (with mushroom Burgundy sauce, goose liver) 4 890 Ft
Argentine style angus rib-eye steak grilled, with goat cheese with jalapeno pepper salad and home-made potato croquettes 4 290 Ft
Steak stripes with Porcini Mushroom Basil Four-Cheese Sauce, with Duchess Potatoes and Vegetables 4 490 Ft
Argentine Style Angus Rib-Eye Steak with Herb-Truffle Butter and English Coloured Potatoes 4 390 Ft
Tournedos Budapest style with goose-liver 4 890 Ft
Irish ox cheek with truffle and garlic crème fraîche potatoes 3 890 Ft
Assorted Grill for Two Person Contains: Sirloin of Beef, Chicken Breast, Butter-fish, Roast of Fillet Mignon of Pork, Goose Liver, Grilled Vegetables, Home Made Potatoes, Sauce Hollandaise, Gree-Pepper-, Brown Sauce eith Mushrooms and Hungarian Letcho. 11 990 Ft
Vadételeink közül

Game Dishes

Larded Saddle of Venison with Burgundy Sauce, with Goose Liver Aromatised with Truffles and with Potato Croquettes 5 590 Ft
Hungarian Deer Stew with Home Made Parsley Flour Pellets 3 290 Ft
Venison Sirloin Ragout with Wild Fruits Almond Potato Croquettes Vegetables 5 190 Ft
Tournedos of Sirloin of Deer with Smoked Goose Liver, Potato Roulade with Ewe Cheese and Grilled Vegetables 5 190 Ft
Larded Saddle of Venison with Burgundy Sauce, with Goose Liver Aromatised with Truffles and with Potato Croquettes 5 590 Ft

tr>Salmon steak Smoked on Beech Embers, with Penne with Tomato and Basil Sauce and Arujula Salad with Horseradish3 590 Ft

Garnélarákos, tejszínes spagetti lazaccal

Fresh- and saltwater fish, seafood

Catfish stew in creamy paprika sauce, pasta with cottage cheese 2 890 Ft
Grilled tiger prawn-tail on the spit, on salad bed 3 090 Ft
Salmon steak with hollandaise sauce 3 290 Ft
Grilled Mediterranean brochettes with sirloin of beef, codfish, tiger prawn and Greek salad 4 190 Ft
Seafood variation with wild rice 4 190 Ft
Crème fraîche spaghetti with shrimps and salmon 3 490 Ft
Green Shellfish in Garlic and White Wine Sauce 2 690 Ft
Fish and chips with Butter Green Peas and Tuna Tartar Sauce 2 990 Ft
Grilled trout fillet 2 890 Ft
Caesar Salad with Sautéed Prawn 3 290 Ft
Pike perch fillet á-la-Kárpát (in creamy prawn and mushroom ragout with dill) 3 990 Ft
Fried Fillets with Mayonnaise Potato Salad 3 190 Ft
Grilled fillets of grey catfish with mushroom ragout and wild rice 3 490 Ft

Pickles of home made style

Cabbage salad   590 Ft
Cucumber salad with sour cream   690 Ft
Arugula Salad with Cherry Tomatoes   790 Ft
Beetroot salad   580 Ft
Gherkins   590 Ft
Mixed salad   690 Ft
Greek salad 1350 Ft
Hot Jalapeno Pepper Salad   650 Ft
Pickled peppers   590 Ft
Gyömbéres panna cotta sangria-s erdei gyümölcsökkel


Season fruit au gratin in marzipan cream with vanilla ice-cream 1 350 Ft
Gundel pancake   930 Ft
Pancakes with cottage cheese   750 Ft
Floating island   750 Ft
Ginger panna cotta with sour sherry dressing   930 Ft
Somló sponge cake with whipped cream   860 Ft
Tiramisu   930 Ft
Cold mango pudding with ginger coconut sauce   930 Ft
Chocolate bomb with vanilla ice cream 1 250 Ft
Chestnut puree    820 Ft
Belgian chocolate-fondue with fruits and bescuits for two persons 2 590 Ft
Capri chalice  
chocolate biscuit with vanilla cream and mixed ice cream)
1 140 Ft
Black Forest cup 
(Chocolate, sour cherry-, punch ice-cream with chocolate sponge- cake)
1 090 Ft
Mixed ice cream with whipped cream    890 Ft
Ice cream-surprise for children    890 Ft
Lemon sorbet    890 Ft
Strawberry sorbet    890 Ft
Cottage cheese paste 1 350 Ft

Most of our dishes are freshly made to fulfill satisfaction.

Your kind patience and understanding is appreciated!


Head of Kitchen: Tamás Fejes

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